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Dedicated to illuminating souls by creating an abundant global community of divine love!

Our Mission Statement
The Unity Singles Network is dedicated to illuminating souls by
creating an abundant global community of divine love.

This website was born out of an email group for Unity Singles that has been in existence for over 3 years now. During the course of this email group, often times people wondered why such a resource site for Unity Singles didn't exist. Because every good Singles group will eventually outgrow itself, the woman who created the list (Betsy) met and married a wonderful man who was on the list (Eddie). Now living in Kansas City, Missouri (near Unity Village), they decided to open this website to be able to offer greater services to Unity Singles in the hope of sharing the divine love that they now share together.

From Eddie
Hi!  My name is Eddie and welcome to the Unity Singles Network!  Betsy and I have spent a lot of time to get this service ready for you and make sure that it is worth your effort.   I say this with
great joy - considering how her and I met.  We knew of each other in the Youth of Unity back in 1995, thanks to me signing her address book (and according to her, only the "cool" people were allowed to sign it, so I must have made an impression!).  After my Y.O.U. years, I left for the US Army and didn't keep in touch with anybody.  Well, after a two-year tour in Germany, I was sent to Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina, were I felt the urge to get back into the teachings of Unity.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there wasn't a Unity church in Fayetteville, and the nearest one was two hours away.  That's a far trip when your only transportation is a bike.  So I biked nearly every day to a local coffee shop that offered internet access while I waited for my computer to come back from Germany, and I sent out a desperate email to the what was then the Young Adults of Unity website and joined the Unity Singles email group.  I didn't know anyone would respond - but Betsy did - and caught my heart in the process.  We began a relationship over the internet that blossomed into talking to each other for countless hours while on the phone and online and later on I went to visit her in Arizona.   After that first visit, I truly knew I was in love.  So we decided that she would come out to Fort Bragg to live with me and we would be happy.   Well... not quite.  What happened was even better!  It seems that while we were on our way back to North Carolina, Divine Order thought we would be better off if we were together for a much longer time than either of us thought.  So only after a couple months of dating we decided to get married, and here we are - two years later - very happily married and planning on many more.
So find your own love story here, on the Unity Singles Network, and don't hesitate to let us know how your story turns out!
From Betsy
For over 5 years I have been working with Unity on the Internet, and yet, never asked for a love offering, or any services to be rendered.   Oftentimes, this meant that I wasn't able to offer more
services, because I had to "take care of" real world stuff.
Ultimately, I believe, I was afraid to receive.  I have come to a place in my experience where I am ready to give and receive in a greater way.  My life with Eddie has been amazing.  And while I do understand and know with my full heart that being Single is not something to be "fixed" I do know that the power of collective consciousness and love between my husband and me is the single most exciting experience I have had yet to date.  I prayed for him with people on the Mastermind Group - and I treasure mapped for him, and he has shown up!  How awesome is that!

Ultimately, with this website, I desire that we can offer services in a big way - because we are both very personally involved in not only the creation, but the maintenance of this site.  We are looking forward to being invited to some awesome Unity weddings!
Truly, my heart is in Unity and the people of Unity.  I am honored that I am able to serve in this way, and that I am able to offer more services to people who have awareness, people who desire a greater connection with a larger community of people, people who relate to their life expression and experience.
I send you all loving light and am truly honored by your presence here.  Please know that you are blessed and prayed for!
This is a picture of us together.  Our first formal pictures as "husband and wife"!

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