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The Unity Singles Network Newsletter
Treasure Mapping for Your Ideal Mate 
The easiest way to have what you want - is to ask for it!
by Betsy LeBard Giraud

      While I am not currently a "Single" -- I felt very compelled to write an article about treasure mapping for your mate.  I still remember when me and my first husband ended our marriage.  Nothing really "bad" had happened - things just weren't working.  It was a very challenging time in my life - because I felt like everything had fallen a part in so many ways - because who wants to get divorced after being married for only 9 months?
      The months that followed - brought an awakening - that I had been mourning the loss of my relationship for quite a long time.  I've heard some people in Unity say that - Unity people in general get married and divorced more often than others - because we process faster than "others".  So I had this realization - that I was truly ready to meet the husband of my dreams.
      I decided at that point, that I had 2 choices - I could write the story I wanted to see, or the story could write me.  I got on my computer, and started creating a booklet - with tons of treasure maps in it.  But the thing my heart was most pure and excited about - was finally having a Unity "boyfriend" - someone who could understand my faith and pray with me.  Someone who I could grow spiritually with and someone who could understand me.
      A treasure map is taking a series of pictures, and words - and putting them together - and using them very much in the same way you use affirmations and prayer - by looking at them, and attempting to feel the feeling of them.  I used my treasure map in conjunction with my mastermind group - asking for my partners full prayer support on helping me find my mate.
      By the time I met Eddie - I was just praying - I had decided to put my treasure map down - I did it for a few months, and really felt like I had already placed my order to the Universe - and I knew the Universe would respond accordingly.  But ultimately, it had been a few months, and I had forgotten that it even existed.  He lived in North Carolina - I lived in Phoenix.  I remember how magical everything felt then - even though everything was happening over the internet.  I just knew - that this was different.
      When he came to visit me, which really was what caused me to fall in love - he was looking through my Unity books, and found my Mastermind Journal with my Treasure Map in it.  I couldn't remember WHAT it had said for my perfect partner, and I totally freaked out.  He was giggling - thinking that this was a game - and grabbed it, and opened directly to my page about my perfect partner.
      And low and behold - every word that I wrote, every picture that I had on it - he was that very thing - and more.  I even had put a pretty "Peace Be Still" image on it - and he used to use those exact words to comfort me when we were on the Internet.
      If you are at a point in your life - where you are desiring your right and perfect mate - someone who totally compliments you - I would strongly recommend doing a treasure map - because it truly can change your life - it has changed mine - and each day - I am grateful.

My Treasure Map for Eddie

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