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Dedicated to illuminating souls by creating an abundant global community of divine love!

Here is where you can order an ad to present your light to 
other wonderful souls who are already looking for it!
Our Memberships are reserved for those 18 and older.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Checks - via a secure server.

SILVER Membership
Our Silver Membership is for those who wish to pay by the week or just try our service for a week!

This Membership includes:
Tons of Exposure - We have agressively marketed our website to many people who are in Unity and on the Internet - as well as churches - having sent emails and promotional materials to thousands of people, churches, and singles groups.
Your Ad - Tell Unity Singles of the world who you are, and what you are seeking (Seek and Ye Shall Find) in this ad that offers 250 characters to express yourself, as well as information about your interests and various bio information.
Weekly Rate - For those who desire to test drive our service - or would like to have a week of service, or would prefer to be billed on a weekly basis!
Optional Picture - For a one time fee of only $5, we can add your digital photo to your ad.
Order your 
SILVER Membership Now!
$10 for One Week
$15 for One week, with a picture

$10 for each additional weeks 

(with or without a picture)

Privacy and Spam Protection - We will not post any of your personal information on your ad, including your email address or any contact information, nor will we ever share any of this information with anyone.  For more information, please read our privacy statement.  Users will respond to your ad via a form that is then emailed to you without the sender having any of your contact information. This means the programs that scan web pages for email addresses to send unsolicited mail will not be sending it to your account!
Personalized Customer Service - We are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have, with just an email!
Ala Carte Services - Are you looking for more goodies for your ad?  Check out our Ala Carte Services - where you can get what you are looking for!

GOLD Membership
Get more out of your membership - be a Gold Member today!

This Membership Includes:
Silver Membership - Everything in the Silver Membership, is automatically included in the Gold Membership.
Extended Ad - Add more of yourself to the mix with up to 300 characters as well as more of your interests listed within your ad!
Free Picture - We will add your digital picture to your ad - for free! (See Ala Carte Services for scanning options)
Highlight your ad with different formats and color schemes - We have many different ways to highlight your customizable ad with various colors and backgrounds - your ad is sure to attract attention!
Personal Web Address - You'll have a direct link to your ad, giving you the ability to send it with your emails!
Update your profile - Those Gold Members who decide to purchase memberships for more than 6 months at one time have the option of updating their profile on a monthly basis.  This can allow you to change the content, your picture, or your color scheme so your membership can evolve as you do!
Order your 
GOLD Membership Now!
$30 for One Month

$80 for Three Months
(Save $10!)

$150 for Six Months
(Save $30!)

$230 for Nine Months
(Save $50!)

$300 for One Full Year
(Save $60 - it's like getting 2 months free!)

Prepaid Responses - Those Gold Members who decide to purchase membership for more than 9 months at one time will receive 2 free responses per month!  (This means that the first 2 people who respond to your ad each month will be able to respond to you for free!)

PLATINUM Membership
For those who believe they are the cream of the crop!

This Membership Includes:
Gold Membership - Everything in the Gold Membership is automatically included in the Platinum Membership.
A FULL PAGE AD - You have the total freedom to express yourself!  You have a whole page to express the divine within!  Tell the world of Unity Singles who you are using our design templates so you'll be able to create a classy full page with tons of information about you!
Wonderful Template Designs for your Full Page Ad - You won't have to know anything about website design or programming - we've taken the worry out of that!  We are allowing you to have a full page, professionally designed with your choice of content!
Extended Ad - You still get a customizable Gold ad along with your full page ad, up to 500 characters available for your info, and more of your interests!
Sound Files - We have some standard Unity Music you can have playing in the background - or you can send  us a recording of your voice for your full page ad!
More Free Pictures - We will add 2 of your digital pictures to your regular ad for free - and up to 10 for your full page ad! (See Ala Carte Services for scanning options.)
Order your 
PLATINUM Membership Now!
$70 for One Month

$195 for Three Months
(Save $10!)

$380 for Six Months
(Save $30!)

$570 for Nine Months
(Save $50!)

$700 for One Full Year
(Save $140 - it's like getting 2 months for free!)

Free Photo Editing - For up to 2 pictures!  For those Platinum Members who choose to initially sign on for 3 months or more.
Update your profile - Platinum Members who decide to purchase memberships for more than 6 months at one time have the option of updating their ad and their full page ad on a bi-monthly basis.
Prepaid Responses - Those Platinum Members who decide to purchase membership for more than 6 months will be able to receive 5 free responses per month!  (This means that the first 5 people who respond to your ad each month will be able to respond to you for free!)
Personalized Full Page Design - Get a site customized for your needs!  All Platinum Members who buy one year at a time will get a personal website created especially for their needs and desires - working with our webmaster until they are totally satisfied with their design.

A la Carte Membership Services
If you want a piece of this and a piece of that!
 Additional Photo
Add an Additional Photo to your Ad - because a picture is worth a thousand words!
$5 per picture

Photo Editing
We can edit your photo - making it sharper, clearer, and quicker to download.
$12.50 per picture

Photo Scanning
Send us your photo with a self addressed stamped envelope, we'll scan it,
email you a copy, and send your original back to you!
$7 per picture plus a self-addressed stamped envelope

Prepaid Responses
Would you like for people responding to you to be able to respond for free?  Get some prepaid responses for your ad, and you can do just that!
$25 for 10 Responses

Sound Bytes
Would you like to add a sound bite of your voice to your ad? 
We can do that! We can even add one of your favorite Unity Songs to your ad!
$20.00 per sound file

Site Angels
If you desire to be of service to this community, 
and would enjoy doing things around the site, 
in trade for various ad space
please go to the Site Angels Page
it has all of the information and application forms.

Questions?  Comments?  Grateful and Loving Thoughts?
Email us at