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Dedicated to illuminating souls by creating an abundant global community of divine love!

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.  
Matthew 18:20
Our Prayer List
For all prayer requests
that remained confidential
Unity Singles Network is guided, successful, and prospered!
Brandi - Illumination/Guidance, Healing, Peace
Please join us in praying for:
Divine Order
Divine Order is present and active in each part of my exprience, and shows up as conscious joy in my life!
I enjoy an abundant life, expriencing and expressing totally prospered in each moment!
I am joyously and illuminated, consciously feeling the prescence and sweet guidance of God now!
Healing energy is present in each part of my body, as I open myself to a complete expression of the divine.
In each moment, love is present and active and I allow this awareness into my expression in each moment.
I see peace in my heart, extending to the world, allowing for a divine moment- of peace in me, peace on earth.

Prayer Team
We are always willing to have more angels on our prayer team.  For more information about joining our prayer team, and the benefits of doing so, please check out info on our Site Angels.

Prayer Request
We would love to support you in prayer.  Please know that all requests are in a sacred confidence.  If you desire your request to be on our prayer list here, we would be honored to that as well (we will only list first names and your request - not your email address or comments) for 30 days.

Email Address:(optional)
Please pray for me regarding the following
Divine Order
My Request is for Myself Other

List my request (without comments) on this page
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For additional prayer support you may contact:
Silent Unity - Where prayer has remained continuous for over 100 years
World Prayer Network  - A Unity Internet Prayer Ministry
Mastermind Email Group - An email group that uses the mastermind principles via email

Questions?  Comments?  Grateful and Loving Thoughts?
Email us at

Our prayer list is
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