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Dedicated to illuminating souls by creating an abundant global community of divine love!

As we work in community, we know that all we do to benfit the community, comes back to us tenfold.  Thank you for supporting our community, and helping us creating the abundant global community of divine love!
Some promotional ideas:
  • Download and print some of our promotional material at your church
  • See if your church would be willing to put our Half Page Flyer in their bulletin
  • Give the business cards to your friends, people in your Single's Group,
  • Place our material on your church's bulletin board
  • Share the material at your event, giving out business cards, or even putting up a few flyers
  • Share our material with your Unity friends, or likeminded Single Friends
Download our promotional materials
Our Business Card
They print 10 to a page, 
give them to all of your friends!

Half Page Flyer
Perfect for a Church Bulletin,
it could also be used it

Full Page Flyer
A larger version of the Half Page One,
great for bulletin boards.

All of our files are in Adobe PDF, 
for ease in printing.
You can download the free Adobe Reader here.

Thank you so much for your loving support - you truly are our angels - 
and we are blessed by your gifts!
Questions?  Comments?  Grateful and Loving Thoughts?
Email us at