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Dedicated to illuminating souls by creating an abundant global community of divine love!

Our truest intention is to serve all Singles, and those who have local Single's Groups - because they are truly creating an abundant community of divine love - in many different locations.
Services we offer to Singles Groups

A Guidebook to Organizing your Singles Group
Is your Singles Group going through Growing Pains - and ready to embrace the next step of consciousness with proven methods from a former leader in a Singles group?  Our Guidebook offers simple and effective methods to assist you in growing your Singles group - and truly having a blast!  Written by a founder of the Unity of Charlotte Singles Group, this Guidebook can truly offer awesome and entertaining growth solutions - from someone who has been there! This file can be mailed to you, or we can also email it, in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF (there is a free reader available, making it easy to print)
$10 to email it
$15 to snail mail it (Shipping and Handling Included)

Loving Prayer Support
Our website is designed to serve as many as your needs as possible - including prayers. Whatever your needs are, God knows them, and as we affirm them together, we as a community are blessed.

Got Events? 
We'd love to list them!  For more 
information, please visit our Events page.

Creation of Email Group
Looking for a way to contact all of your members via email?  Why not have an Email Newsletter?  Or even an email group for discussion of what's going on in your singles group?  We'll do the basic set up, and teach you the rest!
$15 for basic set up

Directory of Singles Groups
If your Single's group would like to be listed here, please download our promotional materials, and email us and give us your location, and basic contact information for your group and we will be happy to list you!
We also offer full website design and creation for Singles Groups!

Check out these exciting features:

  • We work with you personally on your site, creating all parts of it to your exact specifications, adding your pictures, text to a classy and standout design - one that allows for your group's mission to be fulfilled.
  • We will host all of your images, web pages - you won't have to worry about buying space.  If you would like your site to be hosted at your church's website, we can work with them to make that happen as well.
  • We will do unlimited updates - or we can teach you how to do these automatically without having to know anything about creating web pages (Don't worry, we'll teach you!)
  • Our personalized services can work for any group - at any size. 
  • We will create the following pages for you: Main Page, Contacts Page, Events and Info Page, and you can create up to 2 more of your choice - for free! (Maybe a picture gallery?)
  • We will create up to 3 email groups for your Singles website allowing for easier communication for your Singles Group!
  • We will post your promotional materials to the web - making it easier for anybody to download them, print them, and further promote your events!
  • You can have a very awesome website address
  • We will assist you with any e-commerce needs you may have - if you desire to have a fundraiser (maybe for a retreat for your group?) we will assist you with that..
  • We will give your website a special listing in our Singles Directory!
  • We offer all of this, for 6 months, with awesome and attentive customer service (We are Real Unity People - and we have the hugs to prove it!)
You can get this great deal for only $600!
Order this website now, and we will contact you very shortly, and get this process started.
Please allow 2 weeks for your page to be created.

$600 for our full web page from the Unity Singles Network 

If you have any questions, please email us with your thoughts, we are happy to be serving your needs!

We are willing to work with Singles Groups who desire our package, and would be willing to refer their members to this site.  Based on the orders we receive from your group we will be willing to work out trade - and if you have enough orders - we'd happily give you our web package for free!  Please email us to sign up for this program or for more details..

Questions?  Comments?  Grateful and Loving Thoughts?
Email us at